Firstrabbit - Daycare


Daycare Program

First Rabbit Daycare Center offers the ideal solution for parents who prioritize their children's needs. We take heed of parent's concerns about the fulfillment of their children's needs while they are juggling other daily routines, including work that is by all means done in order to gain financially and be able to provide the best for the family. Yet, children's needs are not limited to material, but also physical, developmental, behavioral, and sensory needs. We understand that it might get tough at times, and that is why First Rabbit Daycare Center exists. With our quality care, assuring children to receive the appropriate treatment and nurture will no longer be a difficulty for parents, even in the most hectic days. First Rabbit is here to help, ready to take over.

Daycare Facilities

  1. Handled by Diploma of Nursing & Midwifery professionals
  2. Stimulation of fine and gross motor skills according to stages of child growth
  3. Supports program of giving breast milk until the age of 2 years old (with non-dot media method)
  4. Rooms fully equipped with air-conditioning (AC) system
  5. Wall safety bumper guard (wall foam) installation
  6. Healthy and nutritious food (homemade, non-instant, and MSG-free)
  7. Children books, film, and music
  8. Baby Massage
  9. Indoor and outdoor play room
  10. Child self-reliance development program
  11. BPA-free eating and drinking utensils
  12. Freezer storage for breast milk
  13. Active CCTV, can be monitored directly from parent's mobile phone
  14. Monitoring through daily child report
  15. Dentist and/or psychologist visit if needed
  16. Sharing around the topic of care and nurture with the owner
Member of ICSP Group