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The solid partner for every modern parent to rely upon in giving the finest early childhood education to their little ones.

"Let's be the First Rabbit!"

About Us

First Rabbit daycare center was established in April 2014, and later expanded to a preschool in February 2018. We cater to the yearning of families for the finest children education instilled as early as since in their young age. We, the people of First Rabbit, are overflowed with our love for children. We are professionally trained up to the level of our capability to provide a sense of security, comfort, and confidence.

Only for your little ones to own the courage, for a positive start ahead.

Located strategically in South Jakarta, First Rabbit is in easy reach from anywhere. Our accessibility guarantees convenience for every parent to entrust their sons and daughters to First Rabbit. With security personnel and 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance, parents need not to worry no more while running their routines for the rest of the day, as the children's safety is guaranteed in our utmost safekeeping.

First Rabbit implements children development program that is according to the age and stage of child growth that each and every child is in. We emphasize on development of sensory matters such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, visual abilities, as well as verbal communication which will be taught through various fun and playful activities for the children.

First Rabbit will become a second home for your little ones, where they are well-nurtured and led toward a positive self-development.



First Rabbit Preschool was inaugurated in February 2018, adopting the BCCT (Beyond Centers and Circle Time) approach as their teaching method for children in early age.

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First Rabbit Daycare Center offers the ideal solution for parents who prioritize their children's needs. We take heed of parents concerns about the fulfillment of their children's needs while they are juggling other daily routines, including work that is by all means done in order to gain financially and be able to provide the best for the family.

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First Rabbit is open for partnership opportunities in the education industry, specifically programs of partnership establishment for Preschool or Daycare.

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Pesangrahan, Kora Jakarta Selatan
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12330

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