Firstrabbit - Preschool


Educational stages:

  1. Toddler Class
  2. Nursery
  3. Kindergarten

Preschool Program

First Rabbit Preschool was inaugurated in February 2018, adopting the BCCT (Beyond Centers and Circle Time) approach as their teaching method for children in early age. The 3 main components of BCCT are sensory motor play, dramatic play, and construction play. Under these, First Rabbit has built these 6 play centers to facilitate the children's BCCT experience, which are as follows:

  • Block Centre
  • Drama Centre
  • Science Centre
  • Readiness Centre
  • Art and Craft Centre

First Rabbit adopts the characteristics features of BCCT:

  • Child-centered learning process
  • Taking into account the importance of child play environment as a starting point
  • Deploying all means to give full support for every child to be active, creative, and courageous in making their own decisions
  • Teacher's role as a facilitator, motivator, and evaluator
  • Children's activities in the 6 play centers which function as their center of interest
  • Operates based on a full-fledged standard operating procedure
  • Foothold provision prior to and after play activities in a circular sitting position

Primary Concepts

  • BCCT (Beyond Centers and Circle Time) is a learning method that has been developed based on the research results conducted by Creative Center for Childhood Research Training (CCCRT) in Florida, USA.
  • BCCT has been implemented by Creative Preschool in Florida, USA for more than 33 years, both for special and non-special needs students.
  • BCCT is an expansion of other methods which are Montessori, High Scope, and Reggio Emilia.
  • BCCT method is addressed to stimulate all aspects of the child's intelligence.
  • BCCT method views playing as the most precise and the sole mode for child learning purposes (playing in an educational setting is a suitable means for active and creative thinking).
  • Direktorat PAUD (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini) or the Early Childhood Education Program Directorate of Indonesia has acquired the copyright from Creative Preschool Florida to develop BCCT method for a 5-year period (2004 - 2009).

BCCT Teaching Principles

  1. Child-centered, meaning child is the objective in a learning activity carried out by the educator.
  2. Encouraging physical development, critical thinking ability, creativity, emotional development, language, and communication as the basis of an intact individual human personality formation.
  3. Taking individual differences of one child and another into consideration; either physical, spiritual, intellectual, or stage of development (Developmentally Appropriate Practices).
  4. In reference to the stages of child development.
  5. Child-oriented, as well as his or her needs
  6. Learning through playing
  7. Creative and innovative
  8. A conducive environment
  9. Applying integrated learning
  10. Developing life skills
  11. Utilizing various media, learning resources, and educational tools
  12. Attributed to 9 types of child intelligence that boost all of the child's potentials:
    • Linguistic intelligence
    • Logical-mathematical intelligence
    • Visual-spatial intelligence
    • Musical intelligence
    • Kinesthetic intelligence
    • Naturalist intelligence
    • Interpersonal intelligence
    • Intrapersonal intelligence
    • Spiritual intelligence
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