Firstrabbit - Partnership


Become A Partner

First Rabbit is open for partnership opportunities in the education industry, specifically programs of partnership establishment for Preschool or Daycare. This partnership program consists of mentoring program in the form of initial consult, pre-grand opening preparation for school/daycare, grand opening of school/daycare and monitoring of school/daycare post-grand opening.

Why partnership?

  • No franchise fee
  • Minimal Trial and Error attempts in early business setup
  • Business assistance through consultation and monitoring
  • Reduces possible business risks
  • Standardization of business system

Advantages of child education business?

  • High demand of high-quality education and nurture for children
  • A business with no impact on crisis
  • Early completion of participant's payments
  • Playing a role to invest in the future generation
  • Long-term business

Why partner up with First Rabbit?

  • Experienced since 2014
  • Committed to a character-building based education
  • Supported by professional human resources
  • Free of franchise fee
  • Active support and monitoring to partners
Member of ICSP Group